About Praxis

Praxis was founded ten years ago to publish and manufacture quality materials, texts and resources for the contemporary spiritual seeker. Since our small beginnings we have grown and produced books and texts, a journal, educational materials, manuals for study and reflection, and provide retreats and seminars. We produce and sell the original handmade Anglican Rosary as well as other products of quality such as bells for meditation purposes.

Please feel free to contact us by email if you have questions or would like to use our products and services.

About our name and logo

Praxis is a Greek word meaning practice. It is used to signify that spiritual truth can only be fully learned as a form of wisdom, through experience, which engages the totality of our being; body, soul, and spirit. Praxis (or practice) takes truth from merely a conceptual idea to a practical and intuitive level of understanding where we might know it with the whole of our being.

Praxis logoOur logo, the cross and the spiral, expresses the multi-dimensional nature of reality aligned along the vertical and horizontal axes. The cross intersects a spiral. The ancients spoke of spiritual experience as helikos tropon, in the manner of a spiral. This expressed the dynamic nature of spiritual journey. Nothing about our experience is simply linear. It is always a complexity involving cycles of return, growth towards a goal, and relative levels of development. The fact is, as Christians we spiral through spiritual space and time on the spiritual path. All of this we have attempted to express both in our logo and, more specifically, in our materials.

Explore our site, sample our materials, consult with us if you have questions, and order from us as you choose. Again, we welcome your interest and exploration.


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